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Welcome to 'HEALTHY BREWS' - Naturally Fermented drinks that are
genuinely GOOD FOR YOU.

For thousands of years, pretty much all cultures have made fermented drinks for either pleasure or to protect their health.

Most people know that fermented foods such as Sauerkraut, Sour dough breads and Yoghurts are good 'healthy' foods to eat, but less well  known is that there are many other naturally fermented drinks are really good for you too.

But we're not talking about about beer and wine here. No, no, no. Any alleged health benefits from those common drinks are dubious at best, the possible exception being some red wines.

So we at Healthy Brews are endeavouring to bring to the fore the fermented drinks that ARE good for your health so that you can truly have a 'drink to good health'.

The drinks we promote are:

Kombucha Tea           Tibicos or Water Kefir
Milk Kefir                                  Switchel
Tepache   Ginger Beer (The genuine version*)
 Kvass (beet).    

All  are easy to make yourself, better for your health than store bought drinks and have no alcohol or virtually none (1.5% max and only if brewed too long).

'Kombucha' is an ages old traditional health tonic made by fermenting tea that is great tasting, dairy free, gluten free and low in sugar that's easy to make and amazing for your health.

It is the flagship of our 'Healthy Brews' family of fermented beverages due to its global use, recognition and value.

It is made using a 'Scoby' culture - Symbiotic Colony Of Batceria and Yeasts which ferment the sugars and tannins in the tea into a range of beneficial enzymes, digestive acids and vitamins all of which are good for you overall health.

Perfect kombucha scoby

 Visit our dedicated Kombucha website here.

kombucha scoby and drink

Tibicos, more commonly known as 'Water Kefir' is another pro-biotic product easily made at home with just sugar, water, some 'Kefir grains' and fruit juice. Only takes 4-5 days for a brew and it can get very fizzy if left too long. It's the perfect naturally fizzy fruit soda.


Water Kefir Grains

Visit our dedicated Water Kefir website here.

Milk Kefir is somewhat like a runny yoghurt made by culturing milk and is packed with probiotics, enzymes and minerals. It is the original Pro-biotic Yoghurt used for centuries for good health and has the highest count of probiotic bacteria strains of any naturally made food.
Made by adding Milk Kefir 'grains' strained from a previous batch to some fresh milk, it's perfect for those avoiding sugar or who need a boost of digestive bacteria.


Milk Kefir Grains

Check out here for the full story of Milk Kefir

Ginger Beer is possibly the most well known 'Home brews', especially by kids and is commonly made by simply grating some fresh, raw ginger root into a jar, adding some water and sugar and then leaving the wild yeasts on the ginger skin to ferment it into a nice bubbly, ginger flavoured soda.
*Even better tho, is to make it by fermenting it in a similar fashion to Tibicos by adding some Ginger beer 'plant' grains - similar to Tibicos grains. These give it a far wider spectrum of bacteria and yeasts to do the fermenting so making it significantly richer in probiotic bacteria and digestive enzymes.


While we don't currently sell the Ginger beer plant grains for people to make their own, we do have limited amounts of the
'Ready to drink' Ginger beer available for purchase here.We infuse our ginger beer with either Cinnamon or Thyme to set it apart from all the standard GBs on the market.
Ours is also the only probiotic ginger beer made commercially with the Ginger Beer Plant culture in New Zealand that we know of so if you want something truly unique, get some this summer.

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