Kvass – the quintessential Russian beverage. Made with bread, typically sourdough rye, and sometimes flavoured with fruit, berries, raisins, or mint. Because of the yeasts in the bread, lacto-fermention takes place here and thus creates another probiotic drink.


Kvass is known to aid digestion, prevent hangovers, and bolster the immune system. Tastes like beer but is non-alcoholic.


Beet Kvass – thanks to antioxidant-rich ‘superfood’ beetroot, beet kvass is the real star of Russian beverages. Where Russian nobility drank rye kvass flavoured with various berries, the humble beetroot was the main component of kvass for czars and peasants alike.

beet kvass1Made with just raw beetroot, salt and water, the kvass becomes a medicinal tonic, touted to cleanse the liver and the blood, aid digestion, balance pH, remedy heart burn, morning sickness, chronic fatigue, kidney stones, allergies and sensitivities, and help prevent disease, strokes, cancer. It is sour, salty, with the earthy flavour of the beets, and can be mildly effervescent too. Definitely an acquired taste.

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